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Posted on 7/19/2017 • Salvation
8 prayers
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please pray for my family and i

mind body soul

protection guidance strength

from any attacks and any intrusion may all devices that comes against be severed off us and any demons or curse being sent our way be severed away from us and strongholds

or bondage and may all open doors be closed to the enemy and may all devices be severed and communication lines be broken and soul ties with anyone who has strife with us and help from this anger and negative thoughts

may we helped and healed recovery please i feel im being attacked spiritual and physical

i need help please please dont tell me God left
May he forgives for this anger and any knowingly or unknowingly

please i believe in God i pray everyday

and i know bad spirits and negative spirits can mess with you whether your christian or not i sever all ungodly soul ties everyday

thank you so much

god bless

Alfred B.
Posted on 5/16/2017 • Salvation
12 prayers
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God Save Eric McDonald!!!!

Prayer Request:
Please pray for Eric McDonald-Pray for his salvation.Pray that God's love will heal Eric's heart, Eric's mind and Eric's soul.Pray for God's BEST for Eric.Eric suffers from mental and emotion serious problems.He needs real help.We do not know where he is now nor how he may be�.We are concerned about his future.
He needs to meet real christian friends that will help and encouragement�
He needs to find a GOOD Church where he can find a christian home and friends.
He needs a GOOD pastor to teach him�
He has been suffered and hurt him from childhood.
Pray God will teach Eric to be filled with happiness , joy, peace, and hope.
Eric needs to be part of a good church-a place of prayer and faith!!!
Pray for a miracle healing in his heart, soul, spirit, and life.
Pray for experience of forgiveness and the grace to forgive those that hurt him.
He needs to be free from bitterness danger�
Please stand with Eric;pray he can and will be able to go home a new man in Christ�
Pray all demonic attacks will be broken forever.
I want Eric to see his Savior, Lord, Redeemer, Friend, and Helper!!!!

Posted on 2/4/2017 • Salvation
10 prayers
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For Logan Meguire to be saved. For God to make Himself very, very real to him and for the love of God to overwhelm him so much that it changes his life.

For Karen to have financial breakhrough.

For Steve to be healed physically.

Thank you!

Posted on 10/3/2016 • Salvation
16 prayers
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Kim Murphy would like her Aunt (who was recently arrested) to be delivered from addiction to alcohol and serve Jesus as her savior. She may be facing significant legal charges related to drunkeness.

Posted on 9/3/2016 • Salvation
11 prayers
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Please pray that my children and my nieces and nephews all become active members of Bible believing, spirit filled churches and that they desire to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Thank you.

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