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carol e.
Posted on 8/12/2017 • Drug Abuse
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My son Jason is 39 y/o and has been a drug addict since his teen years. He can not stop using. Has been in numerous facilities, jail, prison, and has od'd many times. He was on life support 1 time. A blessing he survived. He is homeless But he can't stay sober more than 2-3 months. He lost his job yesterday and od'd in my house. Was taken to hospital and has left. I can't have him using in my home, but feel terrible he has no place to stay. I just want to cry. I have been praying for years. He believes and can be very spiritual until he relapses. Then he feels useless and hopeless. He has attempted suicide numerous times. I pray he doesn't try again. Please pray for him and his family. He needs to love himself 1/2 as much as his family. Carol

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